Thursday, 18 December 2008


This is something you either have tons of or none at all. I've rehomed the contents of two piano stools.

First sort it
  • Really scruffy - recycling box - sorry, there is nothing else for it.
  • Classical - there really isn't much of a secondhand market for this so you are unlikely to sell it but school music departments, instrument teachers &, for that matter, almost any other musicians are usually grateful for the chance to select from what you have.
  • Popular - this sells - slowly as a rule. Some items will go quickly and for prices which are worth the cost of listing on eBay. The only ones I have sold well have been Disney or Musical Theatre related. Of course, you may be lucky and have signed music which is a whole different world! To sell the popular sheet music you need to list it on one of the free to list online sites and be patient while the one person in the world who wants it finds you. I use eBid. I will blog how to get the best out of eBid later, but being thanked by someone who was thrilled to find the music wanted for her father's funeral was worth more than money.

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