Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Only Fit for the Bin?

Some things are definitely rubbish aren’t they? Worn out clothes? Damaged shoes? Scruffy old handbags?

You are probably used to seeing fabric bins amongst the recycling but do you use them? I used to but now I deliver my worn out and damaged fabric to charity shops in bags which I mark “rags”. Check with your favourite charity shop that they are happy to receive such stuff but the two shops in my small town both tell me that they are paid for every bag of clean but damaged fabric which is collected from them. The stuff in the bin in the car park may go to a charity or it may not. By delivering directly you select who benefits.

Shoes? These need to be bagged separately from fabric but one shop tells me that they get £1.50 per dustbin bag of shoes however worn out. The same goes for handbags.

And you can be quite sure that if someone is paying for the stuff then it is being recycled rather than sent to landfill!

Now how does this apply to the title of this blog? Are there shoes in your cupboard which have had it? Will you ever use that slightly grubby handbag with the damaged strap? The jumper with just one hole which is front and centre? Why not put them in bags and send them to be recycled? Your home can only be a clearer, nicer place without the unusable junk.

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